( by John Suitor )

  Ever wonder how we always seem to come out on top in the garage when we get into a project way over our heads? We bring them in practically destroyed and miraculously, eventually, they roll out tougher than before. We buy rigs that we think are deals only to find out that we got screwed, but somehow, somebody figures everything out and it's a deal again. All the guys know how strong and dependable our trucks are. Everybody seems to think we find the best used rigs somehow. That isn't true. Somebody always gets his over ambitious boys out of the messes they get into.

Somebody always has the right idea or the old tool just right for the job.

You won't ever see this guy with a pick-up that has a built motor and mud tires. Actually what you see this man in is a Jeep If you see that Jeep around one of those pickups, it will be because the tools, jumper cables and flash lights are in that Jeep. We forget to mention the Jeep projects here. In between the trucks there is always work going on with the Jeeps. Only thing is, he doesn't need our help with them. What makes him happy is helping us do ours.
We've got to give some credit here.
He owns the garage and all the good tools.
He has the patience for all the rusted bolts that absolutely can't be broken.
He has all the connections with the junkyards.
He is the one with all the knowledge.
He has more confidence in us than we do.
He has a wife of 54 years that understands this stupidity and feeds us.
He has ALL of our respect.
He is our Dad.

We look foward to the next project in the garage; a 1966 Kaiser Jeep. Hopefully we can help him with this one.

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