Northeastern Speedway
50th Anniversary Celebration

Waterford, VT - July 18, 2009
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After 15 months of intense work at the site of Vermont's first orgainized racing facility, Paul Bellefeuille's dream came true on Saturday. Northeastern Speedway opened the gates after being abandoned for 43 years.

The first race I ever attended was at Northeastern and today I relived a special time in my life.

Former Dalton resident, Bruce Holebrook (right) presented track owner Paul Bellefeuille with an original poster dating back to the 1965-1966 season.

1959 Track Champion Johnny Gammell holds up a slice of a tree that was cut on the infield when the track restoration started. The piece was signed by the drivers in attendance. The first signature was 1960 Track Champion, Glen Andrews.

Sambel's Restaurant provided great food with a smile.

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